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Did you know...Hawai’i law requires all vessels that are more than 16 feet in length to display a Diver’s Flag that must be at least 20 x 24 inches in size.

The Diver Down Flag should be displayed on the highest point of the main structure so that it can be visible from all directions.

This flag indicates the presence of a scuba diver or snorkeler in the immediate area.

The Diver Down Flag is not only used for safety, it is the law. Violations of this statute are an offence adjudicated in court, with fines starting at $50 per person.

Our previous “large” Diver Down Flags were 16x20 inches. It has taken us three attempts to get this flag just right, and we are so stoked to see it flying high.

We would like to thank all of our customers and stores for your patience with us.

Sun Dot Marine Flags are the finest tournament flags available. They are sewn in Hawai’i using double-stitched marine canvas featuring a unique Velcro heading. They are designed to withstand 100 kt. winds.

12 x 18 inches (buoy or float size) or 20 x 24 inches (boat/vessel over 16 feet legal requirement)


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