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  • A favorite amongst big game anglers and tuna hunters worldwide
  • Lure can be easily worked on the surface to attract the biggest fish
  • Open mouth with gil slit produces enticing bubbles as the lure is pulled through the water
  • Displaces large volumes of water to draw in fish
  • Vibrant hologram scale pattern bodies
  • Realistic 3d eyes
  • Heavy duty hooks

Featuring the same design & credibility that has made the Saltiga and Dorado name famous. This new heavy-duty pencil features an open mouth and gill slit design that produces an enticing bubble trail through the mouth and gills. Heavily weighted the Dorado Pencil is perfect for long distance casting. The weighted belly allows the lure to sink horizontally, shimmering as it sinks, making it a perfect representation of a wounded baitfish. Twitch it and rip it, and the Dorado Pencil comes to life darting and spluttering a bubble trail that no hungry fish can resist.

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