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The TOUGHEST spearfishing glove available. Full 5-finger 2 mm neoprene with reinforced amarra palm with double stitched gripped reinforcements. Design by HammerHead Spearguns for exceptional durability and dexterity with a large batter's glove style Velcro enclosure keeping the glove tight. All amarra palm and gripped reinforcements evolves you into the ultimate underwater predator.


What makes a great warm water spearfishing glove? Toughness, Durability, Dexterity? All of the above. In making a great spearfishing glove HammerHead Spearguns gets it. Tuff Grabs were designed in Hawaii for use in "Asspetto" or "Ambush" Spearfishing where the diver descends to the bottom and scratches or rubs the substrate to attract inquisitive fish. During Hawaiian Style ambush diving ordinary dive gloves last weeks while HammerHead Tuff grabs last months saving you money in the long run.

Not only tough and durable but flexible as well. Ever try to grab your shooting line with stiff unflexible hands? Or how about gloves that fill with water making you swim with balloons around your fingers. For the ultimate warm water spearfishing glove HammerHead Tuff Grabs are it.


  • 2 mm Neoprene stretches tight across the back of the hand and fingers.
  • Flexible Amarra (synthetic suede) across the Palms
  • Anti-Slip rubberized grip sewn into each finger tip and palm leaving the knuckles exposed for flexibility.
  • Large batter-style Velcro closure
  • Available in both Deep Reef(TM) and Pelagic Shatter(TM) Camouflage
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