YO-ZURI, R102-259A, OCTOPUS SKIRT, 7.75"


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For decades Yo-Zuri squid skirts have been the standard for Hawaiian Trolling lures with popular colors, long lasting pigments, and durable rubber formulations. Yo-Zuri skirts are the standard to which all other trolling skirts are compared to. Made in the Philippines from 100% Japanese raw materials Yo-Zuri skirts are the longest lasting, uv stabilized, skirting material available. Yo-Zuri skirts are dipped thicker with a more robust formulation and thus are more popular for 2-skirt applications or as the outer skirt on a 3-skirt combo. Due to a combination of factors Yo-Zuri skirts are subject to supply chain shortages and we do apologize in advance if your selection suddenly becomes unavailable.

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